The next generation for crypto and fiat payment.

ZENIQ Technologies provides a unique ecosystem to its customers, which connects your crypto wallet to an IBAN account in a seamless way. You can store and access all of your fiat and crypto assets in the ecosystem through your ZENIQ HUB which is placed in the security of your home.

● Registration for free.
● The project is just starting.
● You don’t have to buy anything to earn 9% from the first line. Direct recommendation only (unilevel).
● Passive income for HUB owners (physical and / or in the cloud).
ZenIQ is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.
ONE: crypto and fiat payments using your own physical HUB or an app and card (this was what I experienced personally at DasCoin before “they” stop it).
TWO: The Physical Hub is a masternode, that is, real decentralization (I didn’t see it in DasCoin).
THREE: Tokenization of projects, real estate, payments, etc. (I didn’t get that in DasCoin).

The rest later for those who are interested and registered.

Video with previous version of the Juwelis system. The functionality is similar in ZenIQ, for background in English.

Registration link (Safir International Ltd):

Minimum data, you don’t need KYC now.
Contact info:
▪ First name
▪ Surname
▪ you choose the country (it is also the telephone area code)
▪ e-mail address
▪ you give the phone number without the area code
Login information:
▪ Username (chosen by you)
▪ Password (at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one digit, one special character, at least 8 characters)
▪ You repeat the password

You confirm the link in the email and you already have an account. Congratulations!

Rest of ACTIONS !!! I said so, with the interested and registered.

Send to me your e-mail address to get support.

Cloud Hub ’01’ for EUR 1499

Today (2021-04-26) hub minted 89 ZenID coins, which at a market price of 0.33 EUR gives 29.37 EUR.

The contribution to the Cloud Hub will pay off after approx. 2 months, with the current price of ZenIQ coins and liquid halving.

AND … HUB ’01’ WILL CONTINUE MINTING … Your digital assets

The amount of minting coins drops daily and decreases proportionally with time. During the year, it will smoothly decrease by 50%. So the earlier Cloud Hub ’01’ is purchased, the faster it will pay off because it will minting more.

You can purchase shares in Cloud Hub

  • 1/2 800 EUR
  • 1/4 450 EUR
  • 1/8 250 EUR
  • 1/16 EUR 150
  • 1/32 100 EUR

Such shares will also pay off in proportion to their value, only over a longer period of time.

AND … HUB ’01’ WILL CONTINUE MINTING … Your digital assets

Why Hub ’01’? Because only this Hub ’01’ will mint new coins. Only the first 10,000 hubs are affected.

Registration at ZenIQ / Safir

Investments involve risk. The greater the investment, the greater the risk and the greater the potential profit. You have your brain to think.

You’re putting resources into a new project, so learn as much as possible about it. Every day you receive new ZenIQ coins that you can withdraw and thus systematically reduce the risk to zero and next you earn net profit.

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