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(update 2024-02-25)

Adverts on websites

Categories of advert
  • Sponsored article (post) – {area A}
  • Sponsored article (page in main menu up) – {area B}
  • Widget Top on the side bar right (with link to the article) – {area C} – hot Widget Top for advert
  • Widget down on the side bar right (with link to the article) – {area D}
  • Widget on the bottom (footer) (with link to the article) – {area E}
  • Social media (footer bottom bar) – {area F}
Space for advert


The suggestion is to use for advert hot Widget Top (banner) on the side bar right with link to the article (post, page) or direct to your service. In this case users of website see this widget when they checking other articles.

Price list

Term and Conditions


GTAgency is in preparation for launch.
NOTICE: After the launch GTAgency, the descriptions of the services will be updated. The sale of Starter Packages will also begin for new customers who do not yet have any 5B advert, as well as sales for all Standard Adverts with opportunity to upgrade to Guaranteed Sales.

Standard Advert (SA) – provides 1 million targeted visits to a connected website in a 12-month period.

Guaranteed Sales (GTS) – generating EXTRA $155k net profit from your webpage, website, web shop or affiliate program.

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